Invest Rs 10 Lakhs and Get 14 Lakhs in 5 Years in Post Office Scheme

Post Office Schemes Offer better rates than Bank Fixed Deposits

Many prefer Investing their hard earned money in Post Office Schemes

The Post Office Scheme which we are talking about is National Savings Certificate (NSC)

The Maturity Period of NSC is 5 Years

NSC can be purchased from any Post Offices in India

The present Rate of Interest In National Savings Certificate is 6.8% 

If you Invest Rs 10 Lakhs for 5 Years, it will give Rs 14 lakhs after 5 Years on Maturity

The Eligibility Criteria for entry is 18 years 

The Minimum Investment Amount is Rs 1000 and Maximum No Limit

The Investment should be in Mulitples of Rs 100 thereof

The Invested Amount can be withdrawn only on Maturity