1. Online Tutoring

Today Online Tutoring is a good business idea for someone with low investment. One must have rich knowledge and prioritize education.

2. Computer Training

Computer Training Centers are gaining significant importance these days. It is a good and profitable business idea

3. PlaySchool Franchise

Playschool Franchise needs investment but ROIs are good. This can be a good education business idea to start with..

4. Thesis Making

One can earn a decent income, especially if you are making a thesis-making services store that would attract students easily.

5. Music Teacher

As a music teacher, you need to  have expertise in the field of the same such as playing a musical instrument, singing and more..

6. Xerox Shop Business

This business is that it can be easily set up with low investment and is demand even today

7. Stationery Shop

You can open a stationery shop in close proximity to the market where you can target your audience..

8. Uniform Making

Uniform making is one the best education business ideas which can be easily set up at low cost and gives you a chunk of customers every day

9. Educational App

If you are a programmer, you can create an application like video learning education, language learning, e-dictionary, or any other educational-related app.

10. YouTube Channel

With your expertise in the field, you can make videos that help students to understand concepts better.

11. Teacher Training Institute

This could be a good business idea with low investment. You can train parents too as they also help their children in their studies