Date : 20.10.22 Rupee bounces back by 25 paise today from its life time low

Date : 20.10.22 Rupee made a mind blowing recovery of 25 paise to bounce back form its life time low

Date : 20.10.22 Rupee closed at 82.74 against the US Dollar

Date : 20.10.22 Rupee bouncing back was due to aid given by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Date : 20.10.22 Rupee had breached the 80 level on 19.10.22 as crude oil price rose in the international market

Date : 20.10.22 Rupee opened weak at 83.05 at the Interbank Forex Market

The Rupee value has depreciated to a considerable level in the last few days

Experts add that the in the coming days RBI will take more aggressive measures to safeguard the Rupee

As per the recent data by RBI, there is rise in foreign direct investment in the recent days

In contrast, although the FDI has increased the FPI;s outflow will not help much in the present scenario